Here we try to answer the most common questions we get. Please do read them before sending me a message as the answer you are looking for, might be there already! Didn't find what you're looking for? Send me a message!

Current shop situation

Due to personal circumstances (an unwanted divorce...), my shop is currently kind of empty.
Because I don't know where I will be moving to, I don't know if I will have the storage space to continue my rope business. We are doing out utmost best to find something to be up and running as soon as possible again. In the meantime, we just have some smaller items for sale in our shop.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Warm regards, Jacqueline

Macrame rope - how and what

Questions about macrame ropes? You might find the answer here!

The rope in our 'Mediterranean Line' comes from a small family owned fabric in Spain. All ropes are made from recycled material. For example the primrose pink color comes from a residual material from a sheet factory! So buying this rope, means you care for your environment (as so do we)!
This also means that sometimes, there is only a small batch in a certain color available. The color might not come back or in a slightly different tone. Simply because the raw materials are not available. Therefore, I strongly advise you to buy enough for your project at once!
I work with this factory for some years already and this ensures that I often have 'limited edition' colors and they love to think along so also for super speed orders of just 50 kilo or so, I can give them a call. 

The rope from 'The Oriental Line' comes from an ethically run factory in southern Turkey where they don't use chemicals (or as little as possible) in the processing of dying the rope. The rope is rolled on recycled cardboard tubes or composed into a bundle (depending on the amount), using no cardboard at all. They can produce rope in literally every desired size and color and pretty fast as well. The only thing is to keep in mind here, is that I have a minimum order quantity of 700 kilo (which is a lot of rope I can tell you!)

We do our very best to photograph the colors as  accurately as possible (only with daylight). Do keep in mind the screen color may differ slightly from the product you will get at home as no computer is the same.

Besides this, as our products can sell out really quickly and as all rope is made in small batches (because it is either made of recycled material (The Mediterranean Line) or produced 'per order' in small batches especially for us (The Oriental Line), color shades may vary from one batch to another so we recommend you to order a bit extra for specific projects to make sure you have enough. Of course, the rope in color X send to you in one order, will always be rope from the same batch.

Yes of course!
Sometimes you are just not sure of a size or color and in those cases, a sample can help. We ship up to 5 little samples (about 10 cm) per request. Order your rope sample right here!
Should you consider a longer piece (when it is not about color but more about texture and how it feels to work with that size or rope kind), please just ask!
We trust you understand we cannot send you a sample of all our available colors, simply because we have soooo many colors and the collection changes very often as well.
Do note: because of international shipping regulation, we cannot ship samples out of the Netherlands in an envelope.

The international shipping rules requires us to send it as a package (which is insane - I know!). So outside NL you can ONLY order samples when you order other items as well so we can include them in your package. 

It might sound weird but it is actually really hard to decide the gauge of the rope. One retailer measures it in another way then the other. You can measure it when tightly wound on the spool or first take it off, let it breath and then measure it. So this might be why you tend to call my 5mm a 4mm for example (or the other way around).  Also, because it is a natural product, the weather and humidity conditions and the tightness of the twist (in a single strand rope) and even how tightly it is wrapped around the cone, can influence the measurements.

And last but not least: the weight and length is detailed in the listing, but each spool can vary slightly and as mentioned, it is approximately.  

Excellent question!
Actually I can write a complete article about this which is what I will do (you will find it on the blog in the near future). 
Partly it is 'what's in a name' but of course there are also really differences. For now I refer to the next question  and to the listings of the rope as in the text you will find some explanation on that already!

This really depends on your personal taste and your project. All the rope we sell is suitable for macrame.

Our 3-ply twisted rope is easy to work with, comes in a wide range of colors (in both the Mediterranean Line and the Oriental Line), is very durable and strong and it unravels at the end into a lovely fringe.  

Our string rope is also very popular. It is a bit less sturdy than the twisted rope (so maybe not the best choice for macrame furniture) but it is also much softer on the hands and it can easily be used for other crafts as well (such as knitting, weaving, etc.). It comes in a wide range of colors and in several cone sizes in both the Mediterranean and Oriental Line, giving you a lot of flexibility. And of course: the most beautiful fringe ever!

Last but not least: the braided rope. This rope is the most sturdy because of the braid in it. We sell it with and without a synthetic core. It is not very suitable to fringe at the end though. Great cord for macrame furniture and plant hangers. 

That is a hard question and I wish I had that one clear reply. But it all depends from the kind of rope and its thickness and also how tight your personal knotting style is, what knots you use and what your design looks like.

But in general I always use 4 times the desired length if the piece is loosely knotted and 6 times the desired length if it is more detailed or tightly knotted. Obviously this is just a wide guideline and for some pieces, this would mean you have a lot of rope left.

According to me, better be safe than sorry. With the unused ends, you can always make smaller projects right? And adding rope is eh... a bit more of a hassle! ;-)

WANT TO LEARN MORE?! Learn a better, more detailled way of calculating how much rope you need? And to be honest: I would recommend this! Please click this link to find the 40 minute online tutorial of Isabella Strambio (IG: @_twome) in which you will learn this and so much more (like if you change the rope size, how much more/less rope do you need? What do you do with scraps and how do you add string if you run short!).

That totally depends! Actually: the more you order, the sooner I will restock :-)

As for our rope stock:

The Mediterranean Line, we get from our Spanish supplier. This collection is stocked about every 2 months, based on availability (read this) because we are allowed to buy smaller lots as well.
As for our Oriental Line: with this supplier we can only order from 700 kilo per order so it takes a bit longer before we will order here (read more here). But when it comes in... there is a whole lot new! 


Yes it is here! Please read the text on how to qualify.

Yes we do!
If you teach workshops, or sell your handmade products, we would be happy to offer you an even better price as we know how hard it is to make a business in the handmade world (and the fact that you have to pay taxes doesn't help, right?) and we love to help you out! 
To qualify, please send me an email and provide me with your (international if outside NL) tax number and Chamber of Commerce number. Please do note: your Chamber of Commerce subscription should be in line with our business in order to qualify.

We will check and if all is fine, you will receive an email, explaining how our wholesale procedure works (which is very easy and definitely worth it!). Besides a discount on the prices, you of course also qualify for the 'knots about you - rewards' which can be very interesting when referring workshop clients to my shop and of course; the more you buy, the more you're being rewarded!

This depends what for, how much, etc. Please do contact  me and explain so I can see if I can still help you here!

Shipping policy

Here you can find the anwers to the shipping questions you might have.

We ship worldwide!
In case your country is not listed, just contact me, tell me what country you want me to ship to and I will add it for you! 

When in stock, we usually pack your order and bring it to the post office the same day or the day after. 
PLEASE NOTE: because of the Corona Virus, from March 20th on, we will ship your packages twice per week - on Mondays and Thursdays - instead of every day. This because we bring your packages to the post office ourselves and we prefer not to be there too often (because we have a little 7 month old baby..). Thanks for understanding!

When the package arrives with you, depends on where you are and how fast the post is (you always receive a track and trace code with packages). We ship with PostNL (and its foreign partners) and you can see the average shipping time right here.  

For shipments outside the EU, please keep in mind that a package could be held at customs for some time. We have no influence on that (besides putting the correct information on the packaging slip). Also, we are not responsible for possible customs costs that are charged extra. 

When you order a custom made product such as a wall hanging, we agree on the delivery time up front (as I do need time to make it).

When you order a 'pre-order' product, the listing already says delivery will take a longer as the product is not in stock yet (but we listed it anyway just because you might not want to miss it!).

We only have an online shop only at the moment. But if you want to see and feel the rope, or just want to pick up your order instead of having it shipped to you, you are always welcome in my home in Oud Beijerland where we keep most of our ropes.
Please do make an appointment up front so we can make sure we are there! Just send me a message to plan your visit and choose 'pick up your order in Oud Beijerland (zh) in The Netherlands' at check out.

We always aim to ship your package either the same day or the next day.You will receive a message with track & trace code so you know when your package is on the way.We trust you and we trust ourselves but.. .we do not always trust the post ;-) Because we want to make sure, everything you order, arrives with you save and as fast as possible, we ship everything with a track & trace code. This makes it a bit more expensive but gives us both more insurance that your package will arrive.
Note: only very small shippings within NL (things that fit in an envelope), we will send without track & trace. Should you request it to be send with track & trace, then please do contact me upfront.

 Calculated weight: for all shippings:
Our system counts the total weight of your shipping. Most of the time, this should give the right shipping price in the end. But  when you order a lot, we also need bigger boxes - meaning more shipping material. And this has a weight as well. So sometimes, the weight could be a bit more then automatically calculated. In that case, we will send you a message with the extra costs, before shipping your package. When you agree, we will send you an invoice for those extra shipping costs. After receiving your payment, we will ship your package. 
On the other hand: if we calculated you a normal package price for shipping and there is a way of shipping it cheaper, we will do so and refund you the money you were charged too much.


National shipping: track & trace and insurance
All our national shippings are shipped with track & trace. This only means you know where your package is and when to expect it. This is not an insurance in case something happens with your package while on the way. 

As for the insurance of your package; please select accordingly at check out (for only  €0,70 extra your package is ensured for loss, damage etc. on route). We strongly advise you to do so when you spend money (for example over €50,-) as otherwise, when something happens, we cannot be held liable. 


International shipping: track & trace and insurance
All our international shippings (one exception - see below) are send with a track & trace code and they are insured.
- For shippings within Europe the insurance is up to 500 euro.
- For shippings outside the EU this is up to 100 euro.

For international, small (less then 350 gram) shippings:
The international rules and regulation changed when shipping to addresses outside of the Netherlands. Unfortunately this means that from 2020 onwards, goods may no longer be franked in the same way as letters. I can frank this type of shipment as a parcel without Track & Trace (being a little cheaper), registered mail or insurance service. Other countries also require that the Dutch post shares information about the content with them digitally in advance.
Long way short: this means shipping small/light items got more expensive :-(
I choose to ONLY send items with track & trace - so as a package. As for those few euros that shipping it without track & trace, it is simply not worth it as packages tend to 'magically disappear' too often in such case. 
So if you want a cute plant animal or just 1 wooden macrame ring, it might be smart to add some to your order in order to make the shipping costs more economical.

Returns and exchanges

Need to return or exchange a product? Read all about how we handle this.

We want you to be happy with your product so yes, you can return an item but only if it is in its original condition (so not used)  and there is something wrong with it.
So not because you don't like it or it is not the right color or size (NOTE! this is why we offer to send you samples up front when you are not certain - see the 'macrame rope - how and what' section above!) or when you have cones left. Please do understand, we are a small business trying to make a living too, just like you!

Please do contact us per mail within 3 days after delivery and return the item within 7 days after delivery. See the conditions for a return below!

Please be smart: if you are not certain about a rope color or size, you can always request a little sample first, before ordering! In that way you can see the product before ordering a cone or bundle and save yourself the hassle, costs and time for returning the rope.
We have a maximum of 5 rope sample (simply because no, we cannot make samples of all our available colors as it are over 200 colors and they change during the time!). Read all about samples under 'macrame rope - how and what - first point on this FAQ page.

Also when something went wrong in shipping, please do contact me. We ship everything insured and are happy to help out if any problems with the shipment occur.

We do not accept returns for custom orders as these are made for you especially.

Conditions for returns
- Always contact us first before sending something back. We do not accept returns when there was no communication (both way!) up front. 
- Please do contact us per mail within 3 days after delivery and return the item within 7 days after delivery. 
- The client is responsible for the shipping costs and insurance for the return
- Please do send us the track & trace for the return so we can make sure we are there to receive it. 
- When we receive the returned item not in its original state (f.e. not a complete cone or bundle of rope when returning rope), the client is responsible and we won't give you back the full amount due to depreciation. 
- The client must cover return shipping and shipping for the replacement if required  (unless we made a mistake by sending you the wrong order or the product is damaged of course! Also when you want to exchange your product for another one; you pay the costs to return it to us and we will then pay for the shipping of the replacing goods). 
- All orders made during sale periods are final. There is no return on sale goods. 

Sometimes these things happen! We will happily replace any defective or broken merchandise.

Please contact us within 7  days of receipt of item to qualify for repair or exchange. In order to qualify for an exchange, please include your order number, the date of purchase and an image of the defective item. 

If your item arrived damaged during shipping, please send an image when you contact us for repair or replacement.

If you contact us after 7 days, we cannot guarantee repair or replacement. Please take care when mailing any items back to us. We cannot be responsible for any further damage which occurs during transit.

We will pay for the return shipping and shipping for he replacement. 

See 'returns' above.
Always contact me first and I will give you the correct address to return your order. We do not acccept returns when there was no communication (both way) first.


Questions about how to pay? Find the answer here (and yes, we are sorry but you need to pay for our products ;-)

You can select your preferred payment method at checkout.

We accept secure payments for both local & international customers via Credit Cards,  PayPal, iDeal, Bancontact and more.
All payments are done in Euros (note that additional exchange fee may apply if your currency is other than Euro.)

In that case, something went wrong! Please do contact me so we can solve it asap!

You ask, we deliver. On all our invoices, taxes are noted seperately so you can simply print it and add it to your own administration. Of course, you make sure, your company name is in your profile so that can be added to your invoice automatically (and no we cannot send you the invoice afterwards with a different address or name!).

Ordering from overseas....? Please be aware, you might be confronted with extra costs such as sales tax and customs. We are not responsible for those nor can we indicate the height or if they will be charged. So sorry about that! 

Yes we do! Follow us on social media and see our website for once in a while discount codes! 
Please do not email us for a discount code 'because you are about to order 5 cones' or so... we love to give you a discount but prefer to do so, based on a relation (and yes, that can also be our social media connection - where you found the discount code) and not because you order 5 cones (which is actually a small order for us ;-)

Also, we always included a small gift in your order (our way to show you we value your business) and of course, we have our 'knots about you'- reward program!

Lucky you! 
But no, you can't. You can use only one discount code per order. But feel free to order twice! :-)

Get and stay informed!

So many things to know; read all about how and what here!

We are extremely proud of our wide selection of about 400 positive reviews we received from our clients in our Etsy shop! Click here to read them.

When starting this website, we also added the possibility to add a review per product so those you will find per product in the shop. Obviously, this needs to grow ;-)

The best way to stay up to date about new arrivals, special sales, etc. is to follow me on Instagram via @peacockandpeony and to subscribe for our newsletter (do note - this letter is currently not yet active but it will be before Summer and we promise not to spam you nor bother you too much!).

Well that is actually very simple because we love to share your work, made with our products in our stories! 

Just tag us with @peacockandpeony on IG and/or FB so we can see it and we will share it in our stories. And every once in a while, we will upload some o those stories on our website in the section 'Client work'
Sometimes it will take a while and if we recently posted x items made by you, we might skip one but most of the time we are very eager to see your input! 

Why we do this? Because we love to inspire others and it is our way to help you. And you help us. As together, we reach more people than alone right? We share your work and you share that you work with our ropes to create your masterpieces. So simple and worth so much!

Great! I am already curious :-) Just contact us and provide us with the details and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

Please feel very welcome to contact me! We love to hear what we can do for you or what your plans are! See our press section for previous publications!

Other info you might want to know

Didn't find your question and mataching answer so far? Maybe you can find it here!

We only have an online shop only at the moment. But if you want to see and feel the rope, you are always welcome in my home in Oud Beijerland where we keep most of our ropes. Please do make an appointment up front so we can make sure we are there! Just send me a message  to plan your visit!

Yes that is correct. We have two shops. The one on this website and our Etsy shop. 
We actually started out with only an Etsy shop but found out that some of our clients, especially our Dutch ones, are not so keen on Etsy as it sometimes gives problems when paying with iDeal. 
That was one reason for us to open our own shop as well. 
One of the other reasons is that we pay a lot of commission over everything we sell in Etsy to Etsy.
We choose to connect the two shops and have both (as for our international clients, Etsy is great). Because of the high commission we pay to Etsy, you will see that our prices on Etsy are 5% higher than here on the website (to cover for a part of the commission). Besides that, here on the website, you get to collect 'rewards' for everything you buy and we have more offers!
Hope this clarifies! Oh and of course it is totally up to you, where you prefer to shop!

Knots about you is our loyalty program! 
Our way to thank you as we are very happy to have you as our returning customer.
With this loyalty program, we reward your repeating business, by granting you 'knots' (points) each time you make a purchase or do something else we value like referring someone to us. Our way to give back :-)

Simply because I have many international clients and I want to make sure they understand everything as well. I chose to have English as my default language because the amount of international clients is even higher than the amount of Dutch clients (this is, per February 2020). But please, feel free to write me in Dutch (or German or Italian although in those last two cases, I most probably will answer in English - but I can read!). And don't worry - this website will be translated in Dutch as well.

Because I like them :-) And I think you might like them too!
And also because previously, I had a shop with plant-related items as well. I stopped with that to focus on the macrame rope but some items are 'left overs' (therefore now in sale) and others are just to nice so I decided  to keep them (like those damm cute plant animals!)

Privacy Statement

Want to know with your details? Read it here.

I will only use your shipping and billing address, and contact information to communicate with you about your order, to fulfill your order and for legal  reasons (like paying taxes).

You can find our privacy statement (in Dutch) here.

If you subscribe for our newsletter; we will use your email address only to send you our newsletter. We won't share your details with anyone else and we promise not to spam you.

Still have a question?

Sure! Just send us a message  and we will be back with you as soon as possible.