About our Mediterranean line of macramerope

We already sell this rope for over 4 years and are really happy to do so.

When I made a lot of macrame myself, I noted how much rope you need for a macrame piece... it made me think about the footprint I leave on the planet as all these meters need to be made from natural cotton.... and that was the start of my cooperation with this Spanish company for my Mediterranean Line.

Our Mediterranean Line is made entirely from recycled materials in a small family owned business in Spain! How great is that! 

They buy left over cotton from all over Spain and turn that into their fabulous macramerope and stringrope. For example, the primrose pink comes from left over material from a sheet and pillow company! 

It also means that there is a limit to the amount available. Sometimes, they are able to buy a lot of a particular color but it also happens, it is just a little bit. We therefore advice  you to buy all you need at once as it could be, after some time, the color is either replaced by a color that is alike but not exactly the same (due to the lack of recycled material in that color) or it is not coming back at all.

But hey, they produce SO many incredible colors and come with new colors so often, that seems like a small price to pay, right? 

I am also very proud of the cooperation with this small company. The owners and me have a lot of contact and together with an USA seller, I am the only one who gets to offer you their 'limited edition' colors (they only make a small batch of these colors as the recycled material to use is only little) and often we are one of the first to show you their newest colors. They also help me out when needed; for huge or speed orders; they sometimes even produce overnight and ship it to me if possible. Love them! 

Oh and if you make macrame to sell; please do realize, the fact that you use recycled material could be an extra plus to buy it for those who care of the environment as well ;-)