About our Oriental line of macramerope

Our Oriental Line is brand new! Well, for us offering it to you. We started selling it in December 2019. And we are very proud we can as we are in very good company (see below) and the quality of this rope is very good.

This rope is made in an ethically run factory in southern Turkey where they don't use chemicals (or as little as possible) in the processing of dying the rope.
And of course, the cardbox cones are made from recycled material.

This company is enormous and works very professional. They can litteraly produce everything I need or better, everything you want. All sizes, colors and amounts are possible. Only thing is that I cannot just order a box with something, no you need to order a full pallet (over 700 kilo of rope!) at once. So yes, we love to hear your requests and we will add them to the queue for the next order.

Others who sell this rope (and I can tell you, that are some BIG names in macrame-rope-land (foreign)!), arranged the Oeko-tex certificate for the rope as it does qualifies for it (but it costs a lot of money to get this certificate so I cannot (yet) afford to have it labeled like that as well but well, do know that it does qualify for it!