Spanish Line: washing your ropes

I hereby provide you with the information about washing the different types of cotton rope within our Spanish line. 

  • The 2 and 4 mm 100% Organic Cotton Combed stringrope you can carefully wash by hand
  • We do not advise you to wash the 5mm Premium stringrope, the twisted macrame rope and the Cotton Air braided rope

Why is the above?
The difference is the thickness if the ropes.
The 100% Organic Combed Cotton stringrope is thinner than the other 3 mentioned. The problem with the last three is that it wouldn't dry fast. The humidity could stay inside the rope for a long time and eventually rot. 

Besides this, the 100% Organic Combed Cotton stringrope is more absorbent because it is made of 100% cotton while th other three are made of 95% recycled cotton and 5% recycled PET (polyester)

Therefore we do not recommend the last three. If you have stains on it, we advise you use wet wipes (like the one you use for babies) to clean. If you do decide to wash items made of these ropes after all, make sure you dry them very very well.

And how about using this ropes for outside use?
Well, if you hang an item away from the rain (so it can't cat wet), you could enjoy your piece for a while outside but it is of course cotton so in general we recommend you to use our special ropes for outside use. You can find it here (within our Spanish line) and here (from our Mediterranean Line).