More information about our Oriental Line Stringrope

  • With a fine tooth comb you can easily brush it out into an amazing fluffy fringe.
  • At one of the last picture you can see the whole 'family' in this color. This because we offer most colors in at least the 5mm stringrope and the 4mm twisted rope but sometimes also in 3mm and a fluffy 9mm stringrope and  a 5mm braided rope. You can find those family members in different listings.
  • The last pictures show you this color, next to other colors - for comparison.
  • Please note, our supplier, produces and dyes the rope in batches for us. There might be a small color variation between dye lots so we would advice you, t avoid running short, please purchase enough rope to complete your project as there could be a slight color difference when ordering extra from a new batch.
  • Ordering from the USA, Canada Australia or New Zealand? Please look at the weight per cone. This is a little more than 1 kilo so if you order 2 cones, you will be in the 2-5 kilo shipping category. Please do select accordingly.

Within the Oriental Line, we also offer triple twisted (5 mm) and braided rope (5 mm) as well as different Metallic ropes.
Besides the Oriental Line, we also have our well known Mediterranean Line with stringrope and twisted rope in many sizes. You can find them all in our shop.