Why a new website?

Why a new website?

Why a new website you ask? 
Well, first of all because I wanted to be able to offer an online shop next to my Etsy shop. I feel Etsy is a great platform and I don't want to do without it but on the other hand, it has some disadvantages as well. Especially for my Dutch clients. 
So I took some time to figure out whether I could actually combine the best of both worlds and with the help of Frank of mostfrankly, who also helped me with the technical aspects of this website, it worked out. My Etsy shop and the shop on my own website are now connected. 

And you know, I have a thing with building websites... actually I really like it! When I started my own wedding planning agency, already 9 years ago (my former business - where I planned and styled weddings of Dutch, Belgium and UK couples in the South of Italy), I started out with a simple 'fill out the blancs' website. It was soon turned into a Wordpress website with way more possibilities. Because of the money, I was always involved in building the website and I did a lot myself. 

Three years ago, I sold my wedding planning agency and I started with Peacock & Peony (how and why that is worth another blog!). For that, I needed a website as well and as I liked to work with a lot of pictures, I choose to built a website in Squarespace. From scratch. Myself. And also that turned out pretty nice actually! 

And by the end of last year (2019) when I wanted to have a big shop on my own website, I looked into all kinds of programs with a focus on a webshop and I choose to built it in Shopify and here you see the result. Really proud at it as I made most of the pictures, wrote all the texts and with the help of Frank, it also works on the technical side.

Curious to hear what you think of it! 

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