Cats and Rope...

Cats and Rope...

When you have five cats and work with rope….
We have five cats and I truly love them! And when I started with macrame, I soon discovered that I was not the only one, interested in rope… ;-)
Especially our most playful cat, Nala (recognise the name? Indeed, the love of Simba from the movie ‘The Lion King’ and yes, we also have a Simba :-) She loves to play and she lovest to play with rope as well, simply because it moves. So if you like a challenge and have a cat? Simply start with macrame!

Want to see more of my cats? Follow them here on their own Instagram page!

PS - my solution to keep them from not destroying my work? I always have an extra rope at hand that I wiggle now and than so they go after that instead of the ropes that I work with!

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