Cotton Air - Mustard- 3mm recycled braided cotton rope (Spanish Line)
Cotton Air - Mustard- 3mm recycled braided cotton rope (Spanish Line)
Cotton Air - Mustard- 3mm recycled braided cotton rope (Spanish Line)
Cotton Air - Mustard- 3mm recycled braided cotton rope (Spanish Line)
Cotton Air - Mustard- 3mm recycled braided cotton rope (Spanish Line)
Cotton Air - Mustard- 3mm recycled braided cotton rope (Spanish Line)
Cotton Air - Mustard- 3mm recycled braided cotton rope (Spanish Line)
Cotton Air - Mustard- 3mm recycled braided cotton rope (Spanish Line)
Cotton Air - Mustard- 3mm recycled braided cotton rope (Spanish Line)
Cotton Air - Mustard- 3mm recycled braided cotton rope (Spanish Line)

Cotton Air - Mustard- 3mm recycled braided cotton rope (Spanish Line)

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Cotton Air is a 3 mm braided rope made of 90% recycled cotton GRS and 10% recycled PET GRS and Oekotex gecertificeerd (see below what this means) and it comes in balls of 50 meter.

This listing is for the color MUSTARD.The first 2 pictures are mine, the third one is the pic from the manufacturer. I feel my photo represents the real color better (maybe a bit less grey but not as green as the manufacturers). :-)
The other colors available can be found on the pictures after the group pictures and you can buy them via their own listings.

It is very soft and perfect to make pieces for your home (such as carpets, cushions, baskets, bags etc.) since its format makes it very light and easy to work with. 

Besides for macrame, you can also use it for knitting and crochet with XL hooks.
It is the perfect  substitute of T-Shirt yarn since it stays always uniform and it does not show color variations.

We now offer this rope in 4 colors (you can see those in the other pictures and find them in the shop as separate listings) but if you all like it, we can add 19 more colors to the collection!

 The facts:

  • Composition: 90% recycled cotton GRS & 10% recycled PET GRS (explanation below)
  • Kind of rope: braided
    • So it does not unravel well but it is perfect for, for example home-ware and plant hangers
    • It is the easiest to work with if you are a beginner
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Format: 50 meter (= 150 gram)
  • Certification: GRS & Oeko-Tex 100 Standard
  • Also available in 5mm (other listings)


We admit, it is kind of confusing as now we have two Spanish suppliers.
Our Mediterranean Line is also from Spain but as that one is well know as 'the Mediterranean Line', we keep it that way and we hereby introduce to you our other Spanish supplier by the name of 'The Spanish Line.

This company is a family-owned company, working in the wonder world of ropes since the 19th century (the picture below shows the workers in 1920!)

They produce their ropes with versatile and sometimes also very specialized materials, 100% made in Europe.

Their work is produced in three basic foundations: listen to the user, do research and maintain the family tradition of high quality products at a competitive price. While doing so they always take the preservation of our environment for the future generations into account. 

What I feel is really special about this company, is that they really put a lot of effort in producing in such a way that their products are officially certified.

All their products are guaranteed 100% made in Spain and they only use 100% material, made in Europe. They also require their suppliers to have the OEKO-TEX certificate (like they have themselves as well!) to guarantee the control of harmful and toxic substances and make sure the production have an European origin. All their products therefore have the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate.

Besides this, they use as little plastic as possible. The labels are made of recycled paer with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and Ecolabel certifications and the packaging and the spools of the cones are made of recycled paperboard wih FSC certification as well..

And last but not least, they comply with the extensive regulations of the Sanitary Registration of the Ministery of Health of the Government of Spain. The products do not contain optical bleach or bisphenol. Their materials pass a very strict health control as the company also has a range of food threads, and that control is also applied to they yarns for the handmade sector. All products are periodically tested in external labatories approved by the European Union.

Besides the above, there are several certifications that are specific to a certain product (these are mentioned within the product description). Such as the 'Detox to Zero - OEKO-TEX'certificate, the GOS Certification and GRS.  

GRS - Global Recycled Standard

Products with the GRS qualification meet the needs of the companies, seeking to verify the recycled content of their materials and to verify responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in their production process. The objectives of the GRS are to redifne requirements to ensure accurate content declarations and good working conditions, and that the harmful environmental and chemical impact has been minimized.

More information can be found on

I hereby provide you with the information about washing the different types of cotton rope within our Spanish line. 

  • The 2 and 4 mm 100% Organic Cotton Combed stringrope you can carefully wash by hand
  • We do not advise you to wash the 5mm Premium stringrope, the twisted macrame rope and the Cotton Air braided rope

Why is the above?
The difference is the thickness if the ropes.
The 100% Organic Combed Cotton stringrope is thinner than the other 3 mentioned. The problem with the last three is that it wouldn't dry fast. The humidity could stay inside the rope for a long time and eventually rot. 

Besides this, the 100% Organic Combed Cotton stringrope is more absorbent because it is made of 100% cotton while th other three are made of 95% recycled cotton and 5% recycled PET (polyester)

Therefore we do not recommend the last three. If you have stains on it, we advise you use wet wipes (like the one you use for babies) to clean. If you do decide to wash items made of these ropes after all, make sure you dry them very very well.

And how about using this ropes for outside use?
Well, if you hang an item away from the rain (so it can't cat wet), you could enjoy your piece for a while outside but it is of course cotton so in general we recommend you to use our special ropes for outside use. You can find it here (within our Spanish line) and here (from our Mediterranean Line).

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® - class 1

All products that have this qualification AND this tab describing it (!) have the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® with product class 1. This is the strictest class in security.
This gives you (and your clients) the guarantee that products with this certification can be safely used to make articles for babies and toddlers.

In short, this certification means that there are no harmful or toxic materials used for the production. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is the best known certification for textiles when it comes to showing whether they contain harmful materials.

More information:
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is the world's leading eco-label for textile items and determines whether they contain harmful substances. Having this qualification shows tha no harful or toxic substances have been applied for their preparation, thus complying with the requirements of the OEKO-TEX® certification.

All products with this tab, showing this information, are CLASS 1, the strictest in security, saying that products with this certification can be safely used to make articles for babies and toddlers.
They also comply with the requirements of Annex XVII of the REACH (including the use of azo dyes, nickel, etc.), as well as comply with the American requirements regarding the total lead content in children's articles.

This certification guarantees that our materials are free of any harmful chemical or substance, in addition to the human-ecological requirements established by OEKO TEX for products in contact with the skin.

More information can be found on


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