More information about our Mediterranean Line Twisted Rope

  • With a fine tooth comb you can easily brush it out into a fluffy fringe. Please do note that, compared to the single twisted stringrope, the 3-ply rope tends to curl a bit.
  • At one of the last picture you can see the whole 'family' in this color. This because we offer most colors in at least the 5mm stringrope as well as in the 2.5, 4, 6 and 8 mm 3-ply twisted rope. You can find those family members in different listings.
  • The last pictures show you this color, next to other colors - for comparison.
  • See the pictures for colors next to each other and also for rope of different size - to compare the thickness. It could be you see a product in a different color but then it is to show you either the thickness or fluffiness of the rope.
  • Please note, our supplier, works with recycled materials only. This means, there could be a color variation between dye lots or a color might even not come back!, so we would advice you, to avoid running short, please purchase enough rope to complete your project.
  • We tried to represent the colors in the pictures as accurately as possible but still, colors may vary on different computers and in different lighting conditions.
  • Looking for another color? Contact me! I would be happy to see if I can get it for you (though you should count in a longer delivery time).

Within the Mediterranean Line, we also offer stringrope in different cone sizes.
Besides our well known Mediterranean Line, we also have our Oriental Line with stringrope, twisted rope and braided rope in many sizes. 
You can find them all in separate listings here in our shop.