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We are so lucky that there are actually people who have an opinion about what we do, make, sell and how our home looks! Please find below some inspiration and links to nice blogs, (national) TV and newspaper or magazine items. Most of them are in Dutch (there is 1 video and blog in English!) but hey, looking at the pictures is worth while something as well, right? ;-) And I wrote the descriptions in English, hope that helps as well!

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Picture credits:  Binti Home

Picture credits: Binti Home


September 2017, Souraya, owner of the cool interior blog Binti Home, came to our house to shoot a ‘binnenkijker’ as we say in Dutch. A look in someones home. I was really excited because she is a really good stylist ánd photographer and what would she think of our home?! But we had a great time (so worries for nothing) and I LOVE the result!

Also Souraya noticed, how many plants we have and so she asked me for some plant tips - you will find those in her blog as well, besides many gorgeous pictures!

Curious? Check out the blog here!

Click on the picture to see the item about our home!

Click on the picture to see the item about our home!


Our home was on national TV in the TV show ‘VT WONEN - Verbouwen of verhuizen’!
In this show, people who are doubting between moving or rebuilding their own home, get to have a look inside 2 other homes. And therefore, in December 2017, we got a nice couple to visit our home for some inspiration.

It was really strange to see your own home on camera but it is of course also very nice. Especially to see my macrame and cat Nala in the picture as well!

You can see the complete show via ‘Uitzending Gemist': show VT Wonen - verbouwen of verhuizen on December 27th 2017. Or just click the video above this text to see the most important part (our home) ;-)



De Telegraaf is one of the biggest newspapers in The Netherlands, and every weekend, there is a magazine that comes with the newspaper named ‘VROUW’ (‘woman’). They published a little article about the Creative Life Event and highlighted me in it! Very proud about that!



In July 2018, I was interviewed by the quarterly magazine ‘Radarplus’ about the birds in our garden (the title translates as ‘see them fly’:-) We are so lucky to live close by a little park/wood and therefore have the pleasure to welcome many many birds in our garden. Especially in the winter, we sometimes don’t know what we see flying around and eating from our bird feed (such as wild pheasants!). You can read the article by clicking on the pictures or click here to read the article on the website of Radar Plus.



In October 20147, we were present at the Swan Market in the Van Nellefabriek in Rotterdam. With a booth full of macrame and a lot of plants, we participated in this creative market with a lot of handmade and original products. And what was really nice, is that blogster Losse Bloemen (‘single flowers’) was there as well and she wrote a really nice blog about her visit. You can read it right here. She also made the beautiful pictures you can see above this text!



Saturday May 5th 2018, the Dutch NRC national newspaper, published an article about ‘the art of plants’ and moreover, how to keep those green friends alive. As experiential expert, we were interviewed and quoted as well. Click on the pictures to read the article.


‘Veel woonshoppen & trends spotten - Vlog#29’

Souraya from Bintihome takes you to the Creative Life Event 2018 in her weekly vlog (starting from minute 9.45). She shows you 5 minutes at the event from which 1.5 minutes in our booth! I was só happy with that! Just click the picture to see (scroll to 9.45 min if you don’t have the time/patience to watch the whole vlog).

Oh and in this vlog, starting from minute 8.08, you can see how Souray unwraps the present I sent her after Creative Life, to thank her for the vlog she made.

I know Souray because she photographed our home (see somewhere above) and besides that she is a great photographer and stylist, she is also a pure and kind person from whom I can definitely learn a lot!


WILD & BOHO BLOG & VIDEO ‘Creative Life 2018’

Jolanda, her partner and their little one, visited the Creative Life 2018 event and they made this great video in which our booth and products are beautifully displayed, several times. I love that we have moving images of it! Thanks Jolanda! Click on the video to watch and via this link you can read the whole blog.

Picture credits:  Binti Home

Picture credits: Binti Home


After the photo shoot, Souraya from Bintihome did at our home (see somewhere on this page), another blog followed on the website of Megastores The Hague (a big interior shopping mall). In that blog, you will find even more pictures and extra information (for example on the search to finding the perfect bathroom) + where we bought what. Here you can read the whole article.



In March 2018 we had a big booth at the Creative Life event (Tip for 2019; we will be there again; will you join us too?!) And there where many bloggers who wrote a piece after visiting this event and we are in several blogs and we are damn proud of that! You could already see two vlogs on this page but here are some blogs (with matching pictures - see besides this text) who mentioned us as well!

Blog Interiorjunkie
Fee wrote this nice blog about Creative Life and in that blog were the first two pictures you see next to this text! Thank you Fee!

Blog Soyz
Our booth was in the best little ‘street’ on the event. We had such nice neighbors on all sides. And Soyz wrote a blog about that, including some nice pictures (check her blog because you also need to read everything about our neighbors of course!) Yvette, the owner of Soyz, makes handmade wooden necklaces and much more nice stuff; we like.

Blog Styling & Stuff
This blog, showed 3 pictures of our products; picture 3, 4 and 5 besides this text. Thank you Sanne!

Instagram guru Kirsten Jassies bought our wallhanging!
No blog but definitely worth mentioning!

If you want to grow your Instagram page, in The Netherlands, Kirsten Jassies is your girl to go to! Her books are in my book cabinet as well. And so I was really honored that she came to us, after seeing the Binti Home vlog showcasing our wallhangings, to buy this big ochre wallhanging because she liked it so much! And, what a happy coincidence, at that same moment, our photographer, Angie Peralta was just making pictures in our booth so we took the liberty to shoot a pic of the happy couple just before she went on stage to give her IG presentation (last pic)!