A house without plants, to me, is not a home (sorry; no offence!).
I literally need plants to breath. Starting this business with only handmade stuff, it now includes more and more plants. Or at least nice plant-related stuff and care tips.

I think I feel the urge to care for our environment (f.e. by selling rope made from recycled materials) and to make the world a little greener. Starting in my own home. A home that, thank God for the sweetest partner who (almost) never complains about my ‘plant hoarding’ :-) is rapidly becoming my own urban jungle.

And I am not the only one who noticed that as I receive more and more questions about how to care for houseplants; love that! Guess owning over 150 plants and more than 50 airplants makes me an experience expert!

Because I feel that everyone could benefit from plants in their home, I decided to expand my focus from crafts to crafts and plants. You can find some nice plant-related items in the shop and some more information about my (and your) plants in the blog!