Yes, we have an international name. And yes, we love to serve international clients and we love internet shopping! So yes, our goal is, to have this entire website translated into English. But this costs time so I am sorry, this is currently not done yet. But that does not mean, I can't help you if you do not speak Dutch! Please feel free to contact me, ask your questions, search for details, etc. I would be more than happy to help you. In English of course! You can also mail me in German or even in Italian (but in those cases, I will write you back in English).  

The costs for the pieces for international delivery are of course the same. The only difference will be the shipping costs. We will search the most economical way to get the macrame or weaving to you as soon and as cheap as possible (and if you have suggestions on how to do this for your country, please do tell us)! 

The good news is, that our SHOP is in English as well! You can find it on the well known Etsy website and besides finished macrame and weaving products, we also sell materials for some serious DIY such as beautiful cotton rope, wooden beads and rings. 

I love internet shopping, I think it’s really fun.
And I love the feeling of finding the most amazing piece.
— Adapted quote from Emma Roberts