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A website with handmade items, macrame rope, plant-related items and other pretty stuff? What a combination! Well, yeah... you know... I like beautiful things and if things are not yet beautiful, I enjoy making them beautiful. I sometimes burst with ideas and can’t wait to put them into action. Guess that’s the business woman in me: I see opportunities and dare to take a risk by exploring the options. One day, it will work.

Always felt (and feel) the need to create and express my creativity and to stay close to nature (but without those little animals with waaaay too much legs..!). Whether this was in previous jobs or in playing the violin, dancing the Argentine Tango, designing the most beautiful weddings in Italy (I had my own wedding planning agency for over 6 years), in making stuff with all kinds of material, or decorating our home with more and more plants. Just have to find a way to streamline all that creativity in something that makes sense for someone else as well. Because in my opinion, handmade and plants, go well together! :-)

And I also think about my footprint on this world. To give you an example, when I started making macrame items, I searched all over the world for the best quality rope. But also for rope that was not doing too much harm to our environment. I found it with a small family owned company in Spain, using only recycled materials (making our environmental food print a little smaller). And now I import it from there and export it worldwide. That’s what thrives me.

A house without plants, to me, is not a home (sorry; no offence!).
I literally need plants to breath. Starting this business with only handmade stuff, it now includes more and more plants. Or at least nice plant-related stuff and care tips.

I think I feel the urge to care for our environment (f.e. by selling rope made from recycled materials) and to make the world a little greener. Starting in my own home. A home that, thank God for the sweetest partner who (almost) never complains about my ‘plant hoarding’ :-) is rapidly becoming my own urban jungle.

And I am not the only one who noticed that as I receive more and more questions about how to care for houseplants; love that! Guess owning over 150 plants and more than 50 airplants makes me an experience expert!

Because I feel that everyone could benefit from plants in their home, I decided to expand my focus from crafts to crafts and plants. You can find some nice plant-related items in the shop and some more information about my (and your) plants in the blog!



- Maza Dohta -


“A lady never discusses the size of her rope stash”

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“Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.”

- Arthur Ashe -

Pleasure to e-meet you. My name is Jacqueline and I am 42 years old. Together with my partner Christian, I live in Rijswijk, a city close to The Hague (on the west coast of The Netherlands, Europe). I love plants, Italy (and Italian food), licorice, interior, vintage and our five cats.
Wait, what? Five cats?! Yesss! Five cats. Don’t ask how we got to five cats, it just happened. They all have their own story and issues but they are the sweetest. And they behave pretty well, even in our house, full of rope and plants I have to say. You can follow them via their own IG account: @myfourcatsplusone
Want to see our house or read more about me and my business? Check the blog and the press page!
Oh and I am Dutch but chose to write this website in English as I have so many nice, international clients. Of course, you can also always contact me in Dutch!

Picture Credits:  Binti Home

Picture Credits: Binti Home