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Macrame planthanger workshop at Filya Indoor Garden - The Hague

filya plant store.jpg

On December 9th, we will teach a macrame planthanger workshop at the stunning plantshop Filya Indoor Garden in Den Haag!

Can’t think of a more inspiring surrounding to make your own macrame planthanger!

HERE you can read all information (in Dutch) or contact me if you want the info in English.

In short: first, I will teach you different knots and after that, you will all make your planthanger with your own design. You do not need to have any macrame experience (but in case you have, feel welcome to; I will teach you some other knots than the rest) and of course I am there to help you!
Please bring your own pot (diamter and hight of about 10-15 cm would be nice) OR buy it at the shop of course! Need more info? Please contact me!