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Tell us: what can we do for you?

·      Looking for a product and can’t find it in the shop on this website? Already tried our Etsy shop? Otherwise: send us a message!

·      Want to order a custom made item? Give us the details here!

·      Have a question and can’t find the answer on our FAQ page? Feel free to ask!

·      Want to meet me, drink a coffee (or tea or wine) and discuss a cooperation? Let me know!

For all of the above (and the rest); please just complete the contact form below. You can do so in English or Dutch (and you might try German and Italian as I do understand most but chances are, I will answer you in English in that case!).

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We prefer to be contacted via the form on this page but if you prefer to do so in another way, find our details below (and all social media links at the bottom of this page):

Email: info @ peacockandpeony.com (without the spaces)
Tel: +31 (0)6 4320 6196

Peacock & Peony - handmade
Jacqueline Veldkamp
Rijswijk (ZH)
The Netherlands
Per your request, we are happy to give you our full address

Verzending shop
Please also check FAQ and SHOP.
We are located in Rijswijk (ZH), The Netherlands (contact us for our address details if you need those) but ship worldwide!

Almost all pictures on this website are made, especially for us, by Angie Peralta Photography. Some pictures are made by other photographers and in that case, the credits are noted with that picture. The pictures I use on my IG and other social media, are made by myself.
Would you like to use pictures for something? Please do contact us first. Thank you!. Oh and also, there is a kind of a ‘code’ within macrame/weaving: that it is ok to be inspired (and that it is appreciated if you tag the person you’re inspired by!) but that it is not ok to copy! Thanks!