Strange plants...those caudex plants...

I have a new plant addiction. And that are those strange, potatoe like looking plants! And no, it are no potatoes but it are caudex plants!

Caudiciform plants, also known as Fat Plants are a grouping of morphologic plants of many, not really related, plants that all have a fat stem or trunk. I think they are real curiosities, as they look so odd.

You also never know what to expect for growth as they tend to sleep a part of the year (they go dormant) and than, all of sudden, they sprout or even bloom!

I figured these where a good addition to my always growing plant addiction.

I bought four types; 2 small ones and 2 bigger ones.
Their names are as exotic as their looks (and forgive me if the spelling is not totally correct!):

  • Stefania Erecta from Pakistan

  • Ibervillia from Mexico

  • Dios Corra elefantibus

  • Haemanthus multiflora (this is the one with the amazing red flower!)

The two big ones I bought because these are climbing (or hanging) plants and I always like that.

Oh and besides their looks, there is something else that is really nice about these plants: they only need water once every three weeks or so! And that is when they sprout or bloom. When you see just ‘the potatoe’ :-) so when they are dormant, than once every 1,5 month or so is enough. Just have to figure out when and how you know it is time for them to start sprouting…

Just check the pictures and I am curious to hear if you are as intrigues as I am!

On the right you see pictures of the first three mentioned.

On the left, you see the one that really amazed me - as it started out as something that looked like an onion or flower bulb and look what came out of that one! Really a great example, showing what nature can do and how it can amaze you!

Jacqueline Veldkamp