Peacock & Peony Digital Gift Card!

Peacock & Peony Digital Gift Card!

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Not sure what to get your friend, mother, daugther, colleague for gift?!
You know she (or he) loves macrame, weaving, yarn, rope, DIY? Or you know she (or again, he ;-) would love a wallhanging or plant hanger but not sure what exactly she/he would like?

BUY A 'PEACOCK & PEONY - handmade' customizable GIFTCARD!

How does it work?

  • You choose this listing and put it in your shopping bag
  • YOU decide the amount (choose between the possibilities)
  • If you have special requests (see below under notes) meaning, you want to customize your card, just send me a request for a 'custom order' or a short email message and we will do just so!
  • I make the digital gift card (which included a code and with that code, the amount you gifted will be taken off the final order) and mail it to you.
  • The receiver goes to my Etsy website and shops! 

Although it is a digital product, it is a product made to order. This means, I need about a day to make it, grant it a code etc. before sending it to you! Meaning, you won't be able to download it immediately after finishing your order. Also, if you prefer a physical gift card (printed), this is also possible - see below!


  • If you prefer to have another amount (not listed) - send me a request for a custom order with your wishes and I will make a custom order out of it!
  • If you would like to have a personal message on the gift card - we can arrange that too! Send me a request for a custom order!
  • If you want me to send the digital gift card to another address - send me a request for a custom order, mentioning where you would like it to be send and I will do so!
  • You want me to mention on the gift card, what the card is for? A wallhanging? Rope? A planthanger? DIY material? Yarn? Send me a request for a custom order with your wishes and I will make a custom order out of it!

Are you a wholesale client? Do note this gift card CANNOT be bought with your wholesale account (and discount)! If you do so, I will send you a gift card worth the value of the card minus your discount percentage.


  • We always aim to ship your package either the same day or the next day.
  • You will receive a message with track & trace code so you know when your package is on the way.
  • We trust you and we trust ourselves but.. .we do not always trust the post ;-) Because we want to make sure, everything you order, arrives with you save and as fast as possible, we ship everything with a track & trace code. This makes it a bit more expensive but gives us both more insurance that your package will arrive.
    • Note: only very small shippings within NL (things that fit in an envelope), we will send without track & trace. Should you request it to be send with track & trace, then please do contact me. 



National shipping: track & trace and insurance
All our national shippings are shipped with track & trace. This only means you know where your package is and when to expect it. This is not an insurance in case something happens with your package while on the way. 

As for the insurance of your package; please select accordingly at check out (for only  €0,70 extra your package is ensured for loss, damage etc. on route). We strongly advise you to do so when you spend money (for example over €50,-) as otherwise, when something happens, we cannot be held liable. 



International shipping: track & trace and insurance
All our international shippings (one exception - see below) are send with a track & trace code and they are insured.

  • For shippings within Europe the insurance is up to 500 euro.
  • For shippings outside the EU this is up to 100 euro.

For international, small (less then 350 gram) shippings:
The international rules and regulation changed when shipping to addresses outside of the Netherlands. Unfortunately this means that from 2020 onwards, goods may no longer be franked in the same way as letters. I can frank this type of shipment as a parcel without Track & Trace (being a little cheaper), registered mail or insurance service. Other countries also require that the Dutch post shares information about the content with them digitally in advance.

Long way short: this means shipping small/light items got more expensive :-(
I choose to ONLY send items with track & trace - so as a package. As for those few euros that shipping it without track & trace, it is simply not worth it as packages tend to 'magically disapear' too often in such case. 
So if you want a cute plant animal or just 1 wooden macrame ring, it might be smart to add some to your order in order to make the shipping costs more economical.

Calculated weight: for all foreign shippings:
Our system counts the total weight of your shipping. Most of the time, this should give the right shipping price in the end. But  when you order a lot, we also need bigger boxes - meaning more shipping material. And this has a weight as well. So sometimes, the weight could be a bit more then automatically calculated. In that case, we will send you a message with the extra costs, before shipping your package. When you agree, we will send you an invoice for those extra shipping costs. After receiving your payment, we will ship your package. 
On the other hand: if we calculated you a normal package price for shipping and there is a way of shipping it cheaper, we will do so and refund you the money you were charged too much.