“Creativity is a wild mind &
a disciplined eye”

- Doroty Parker -

A website with handmade items, macrame rope, plant-related items and other pretty stuff? What a combination! Well, yeah... you know... I like beautiful things and if things are not yet beautiful, I enjoy making them beautiful. I sometimes burst with ideas and can’t wait to put them into action. Guess that’s the business woman in me: I see opportunities and dare to take a risk by exploring the options. One day, it will work.

Always felt (and feel) the need to create and express my creativity. Whether this was in previous jobs (mostly in events & hospitality) or in playing the violin, dancing the Argentine Tango, designing the most beautiful weddings in Italy (I had my own wedding planning agency for over 6 years), in making stuff with all kinds of material, simply giving old furniture a make over or decorating our home. Just have to find a way to streamline all that creativity in something that makes sense for someone else as well. Making choices is not my best quality - I like it all! It is for that reason that I not only sell macrame and other handmade items anymore but decided to also give my plant love a spotlight. Because handmade and plants, go well together! :-)

The perfectionist in me always want to make things better so, just to give you an example, when I started making macrame items, I searched all over the world for the best quality rope. But also for rope that was not doing to much harm to our environment. I found it with a small family owned company in Spain, using only recycled materials (making our environmental foodprint a little smaller). And now I import it from there and export it worldwide. That’s what thrives me.